Client authorisations: misunderstandings and challenges in practice

November 28, 2017

From January 1 2018, Client Authorisations will become mandatory in Victoria for all conveyancing transactions. We discuss this change with Sean Simmons, co-founder and head of ZipID.  Sean is a lawyer and national Verification of Identity (VOI) expert who has been working closely with firms across Victoria as they transition to the Client Authorisation process. We discuss the pain points that are emerging in practice and how they’re being managed across firms. This podcast is sponsored by ZipID - for more information on ZipID's services contact


Emotional Intelligence: an essential attribute for lawyers

November 9, 2017

Emotional intelligence is an essential attribute for lawyers in their role as valued advisors to their clients. Shaneen Argall, Human Resources Director at Arnold Bloch Leibler, and Jeremy Lanzer, Senior Associate in Corporate Law at Arnold Bloch Leibler talks EQ with the Law Institute Journal's Karin Derkley. Read more about emotional intelligence in this month's LIJ.


Rising Star Kot Monoah shares his story for Refugee Week

June 19, 2017

To mark Refugee Week, Melbourne lawyer Kot Monoah reflects on his journey as a refugee fleeing South Sudan to practicing law. Monoah won the Rising Star Award at the 2017 Victorian Legal Awards.


Drugs in sport and mitigating client risk

June 8, 2017

The spectre of drugs in sport is never far from the headlines. We talk with Professor Patrick Keyzer, Head of the La Trobe Law School, and explore the issue of drugs in sport from the perspective of a lawyer who advises clients (players and sporting associations) about mitigating relevant risks. Professor Keyzer successfully represented a former player of the Essendon Football Club in a quest to obtain documents, and a settlement, after the now infamous supplements scandal. Professor Keyzer is also the inaugural chair of the new Australian Fitness Industry Standards Council. This podcast is sponsored by Latrobe’s Law School, which celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year.


The digitisation of conveyancing and future of electronic settlements

April 6, 2017

Property lawyers are increasingly embracing e-conveyancing. In this LIV podcast - sponsored by SAI Global Property (a division of the risk management and compliance organisation, SAI Global), - two experts answer common questions about how lawyers can navigate this new era in conveyancing. For more information on the topic of this podcast visit SAI Global’s updates on the digitisation of the property transaction ecosystem.


Speech recognition technology and the future of legal work…

February 5, 2017

Speech recognition technology is becoming increasingly common in law firms. In this LIV podcast – sponsored by Nuance – LIV Technology and the Law Committee co-chair Julian Lambert talks with Nuance speech recognition technology expert Derek Austin about the future capabilities of this technology and its importance in the everyday work of lawyers. For further information on Dragon you can email Derek or visit the Nuance Australia website.


The bulk conversion of land titles in Victoria: What lawyers need to know…

December 15, 2016

The recent bulk conversion of land titles in Victoria affects property and conveyancing transactions. The LIV is joined by two experts – property lawyer and consultant Russell Cocks and Land Registry Victoria manager of business services Paul Major – to explain the conversion and how practitioners will need to adjust their settlement and conveyancing work. PEXA can also put you in touch with escalation teams at major financial institutions if needed via


Cyber-security, a fast growing concern for lawyers and clients

November 8, 2016

From the ‘Sony hack’ that brought down a movie mogul, to the email leaks that turned the US presidential election on its head, cyber-security is fast becoming a critical area of concern for lawyers and their clients. Sara Smyth, Associate Professor at LaTrobe Law School in Melbourne, speaks with LIV’s Karin Derkley about the risks of cyber-security violations to firms and their clients, and the strategies lawyers should put in place to mitigate these risks. Sarah also discusses the new Masters of Cyber-security on offer at La Trobe University from 2017.


Starting a NewLaw firm

August 26, 2016

LIV journalist Karin Derkley speaks to Meda Royall and ScottChamberlain who have both identified opportunities for businesses in thechanging legal landscape and responded to them. Meda is the founder and CEO ofAustralia’s first franchised law firm, Your Law Firm, which deliverspersonalised legal services to local clients based on fixed, transparent fees.Scott is a senior lecturer at ANU’s Legal Workshop in the Masters of LegalPractice, chairman of Chamberlains law firm and founder of Wellspring Legal PtyLtd, a NewLaw firm.



What it’s like to practise in migration law

August 24, 2016

The Migration Institute of Australia president, barrister AngelaJulian-Armitage, and LIV Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law Carina Ford,from Carina Ford Immigration Lawyers, discuss some of the latest cases anddevelopments in migration law. Topics include the recommendation from DrChristopher Kendall that lawyers should be able to offer theirservices entirely independently of the regulatory body for migration matters,which would remove dual regulation for migration lawyers.